Wednesday, 30 March 2016

foxglove blooming treasure. for coloring class

Hi caroline with you today  and i would like to share with you Foxglove blooming treasure which is an exclusive only to the art classes which can be purchased in store here

started off with c1, c2, t6, c7, rv00,  skin e0000, e50, e51, rv00
then added rv 66, rv 66 and rv19
started building up the foxglove with rvoo and rv02
added rv19 and rv00 to the throats
started on her outfit with c1, c2, t5, t6, t7 rv00, rv02 and black i also used rv 69, rv66 and rv00 for the sash over her arm
the leaves i used yg 01, yg00, yg 23 yg95

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  1. Brilliant designed it. Have a wonderful  {aNNie}