Thursday, 18 February 2016

coloring without bounderies ,showcase tut

I am going to show you a quick and easy way i do the clouds using Pan pastels
I have cut out my random cloud shape and i have colored it in orange just so it show's up if i had of thought on i could of cut it out of colored card. I am using a stencil brush.
I gently work my way around  the tope edge of my cloud, dont worry about the loose powder.
Move your cut out cloud shape along so you are alternating where the cloud's are going
Keep working until you have got your work space covered. I then gently tap the excess powder onto a sheet of paper the i take a soft cloth and i wipe from the bottom of the picture up to the top and it gives you a really nice finish.
Here she is ready to put some greenery onto the bottom and onto the footpath.

I have just used chalk's here to add some texture to the footpath and the grass before i start to color the picture..
Here She is all finished Emily Spring days can be found in the  shoppe along with many other amazing images.


  1. Fantastic Tutorial Caroline!!!!! Stunning colouring and of course your background is AMAZING!!!! Crafty Cuddles to you my friend, Jay xxx

  2. Awesome tutorial!! You know I love the clouds!!

  3. Awesome tutorial!! You know I love the clouds!!

  4. Great tutorial Caroline! Thank you for sharing.