Monday, 9 November 2015

Cammille- victorian christmas melancholy moppet . ct posting for lacy sunshine

Hi caroline here with you today i have made these bauble's using camille  who is from the victorian melonchory moppet collection TM who can be found in the shoppe. i thought i would show you that you can use your images to make different things not just cards with them so here is a short tut.. firstly ive colored my image
forgive me for not having normal recipe card ive just got windows 10 on computer and everything is different and havent worked out some of the things yet so here is the colors.
graphit markers
skin 4105, 4101 , 4145 4150
hair 1210, 1230, 1270
clothing 8250, 8260, 8270, 5220, 5210 5245
and gold wink of stella
 these are the globes and the snow from flower soft, but i also added fine glitter and the other globe i added diamona sparkles from hunkeydorey as i didnt have enough flowersoft for both.

 these are the two die's i used

 firstly i added glamour dust to my tree to add some sparkle then used silicone glue to secure it to one half of the globe. i then placed camille in front of the tree. I that is all you want in your globe you can now add your fake snow to the globe. dont worry about where you stuck the tree and camille down with the silicone as the snow will hide this. when you fasten the two halves of the globe together use some clear glue just so you know thet it isnt going to come apart.

The globe with the Deer in i did the same as the first one but stuck the deer in the other half of the globe then fastened up the same way.
Then that leaves you to decorate them how you like . The only thing to remember if you want to put them onto a tree you dont want them to heavy.
Thats me for this time bye for now, hope to see you soon
caroline x


  1. Amazing Caroline so fantastically creative honey!!! I absolutely adore them and wow thank you for your wonderful and informative tutorial too honey!!!! Stunning colouring and design!!!
    Big Cuddles to my lovely friend
    Jay xxx

  2. LOVE this, I think I need to get some of these baubles and follow your tut....hugs, to
     { aNNie}